Tie Your Knot In Any Of These Mesmerizing Locations For Destination Wedding In India

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Tie Your Knot In Any Of These Mesmerizing Locations For Destination Wedding In India

Did you meet her on a matrimony site?
Did your parents and relatives found the great match for you?
Or, you opened your heart out to her about how much you crave for her and then your love started?
Whether it is a love story that was headed towards the wedding or has been arranged by the family, a destination wedding is a trend that is prevailing today.
If you are planning for your wedding in a special way, we bring in here in front of you some of the most amazing locations for a destination wedding in India.

The Cities Of Rajasthan

If you have much waited to get your wedding done in a royal way, then surely you should head towards the royal cities o Rajasthan. There are a number of palaces that are now converted into five-star rated hotels or resorts in various cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and others. Just let the hotel or the resort in advance about your wedding dates and they will arrange for the royal arrangements to make your wedding a special one. If you wish to provide an extra touch you can hire an event management company to add some more colors to your wedding night.

The Beaches Of Goa

Letting the youngsters enjoy some great sunshine n your wedding is your lookout? Think about Goa. The trend of couples choosing Goa for destination wedding has increased over the past few years. Hence, some of the selective beach hotels have started providing such services for a convenient experience. Let your guests enjoy the soothing waves, relaxing sessions at the spa, and some exotic seafood dishes on your wedding. Surely, nobody is going to forget these memorable days along with you.

The Island Wedding

What about taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the metro cities for a week or so? Planning your wedding at the beautiful island of Andaman Nicobar can be a retreat not only for the couple and the families but also the entire list of guests invited. The white sand, the frothy water waves, the amazing weather everything adds up to create a romantic environment that is just perfect for the occasion. Your guests will thank you later not only just for inviting them to your wedding but also for providing them an amazing holiday.

The Back Waters Of Kerala

How can we forget the beautiful and the romantic backwaters of Kerala when we are talking about the wedding destinations? Kerala is known as ‘God’s own Country’. It will be a great idea to be blessed on your auspicious day at this serene location. Hire a Varkala or set your wedding arrangements at the Fort to create some everlasting memories.

The Magical Rishikesh

Is your wedding set in summer? Is the bride surely not going to like the heavy wedding costume in the humid climate and the heated temperature? Hill station destination wedding is the best option that you have in this case. Set your destination wedding at the hill station set on the banks of The Ganga – Rishikesh. The elders are going to love the auspicious environment and others will fall in love with the mystic beauty of the place.

Marriage is not just about taking 7 vows of life, it is about creating a memory that you will always stay with you. Make your story of starting your new life special so that even your kids can fantasize it and dream of having such an amazing destination wedding when they grow up. 
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