She Will Not Say No.. Just Propose Her In These Indian Destinations

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She Will Not Say ‘No’… Just Propose Her In These Indian Destinations

You almost skipped your heart beat, when the thought of proposing her came in your mind. You are in a struggle within yourself whether she loves you or not. After days of struggling and gathering much of effort within yourself, finally, you have decided that now you will propose her and make her a part of your life.
But will you ask her out the life’s most important question in just a simple sentence? If you are also looking out to make things special for her, so that she cannot turn you out, then have a look at these amazing destinations in Indian where you can propose your heart out to your sweetheart.

Lonavala – The Hot Air Balloon

It is said that couples are made in heaven. Well, not in heaven, but here is a chance that you can touch the sky and make her feel that you are the perfect one for her. Just arrange to hire a hot air balloon service in the Maharashtra’s hill station Lonavala, fly with her and propose her when you have reached the heights. Awestruck with the setting, she will surely not ignore the love that you have shown her.

Thar – Under The Stars

What about presenting her a star, under the stars? We are not talking about a starry night at your terrace. Away from the populated city, Thar Desert is a perfect place at night to witness the clear sky and the galaxy of enormous bright stars showing up clearly. Imitate breaking down a star from the sky and converting it to a beautiful ring, sit on your knees and ask her to be the most shining star in your life. So much moving is the setting that she will surely say yes to you.

Heaven On Earth – The Dal Lake

There cannot be anything more romantic than proposing her on a shikara, in the middle of the Dal Lake in Kashmir. So much beautiful is the portrait of the clear rippling and shining water, furry clouds around and the cool breeze, that anybody will start sensing that romantic feel. Take the advantage and make her feel that this emotion in her heart is for you.

The Magical Proposal In Andaman

If you think that you girl will not get convinced if you sit on your knees in a beautiful setting to propose her, then there is an extraordinary option too. Try out the magical underwater experience in Andaman that stirs the emotional feelings of any individual the most. In the midst of corals, colorful fishes and other aquatic beings bring out a ring from a sea shell and she will be thrilled to hug you and say yes to you.

The Symbol Of Love – The Taj

You may not be able to build up a new Taj Mahal for her, but surely you can tell her about how much you love her in front of the biggest symbol of love. When the girl is taking a stroll around the white marble building thinking about how lucky Mumtaj Mahal was to get such a loving husband, show her your love too by kneeling down and proposing her.

The Yacht Proposal In Goa

 How can we forget Goa, where romance reaches its peak? After having a wonderful day full of adventure and fun, take her for a peaceful and romantic dinner at a yacht on the sea. In middle of the sea, under the sky, away from the city life, speak your heart out to her.

Wayanad - The Mystic Waterfall

Wish to make your proposal a slight adventurous too? Come to Wayanad, and reach out this mystic waterfall, Soochipara Falls. Surrounded by a dense yet beautiful forest, this beautiful cascade will surely bring a smile on her face. Add some more joy to her happiness by proposing her at this lovely place.

The Magic Of Rajasthan

Of course, Rajasthan is a place that can leave any tourist mesmerized. Jawai Leopard Camp is an unexplored area of the state that is a perfect place for your proposal. Under the sky, in middle of greenery, set up a table for just you two with lots of candle lights and everything turns up to be magical. Do not worry about the arrangements, now there are many providers who offer you with such settings here.

The Valley Of Flowers

Will a girl ever say no to you if you make her feel like a princess? Take her to The Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand and let her get soaked in the love of those beautiful flowers and meadows. Obviously, she is not going to refuse you when you propose her here.

The Snowy Scenes Of Ladakh

If your girl is an adventure queen, then you need to propose her also in her own way. In terms of adventure, nothing can be as adventurous as Ladakh. Try a trekking trip to Ripchar Valley that is a bunch of small villages, surrounded by the snowy mountains and wild flowers. Nature is admired the best here and you can feel the fresh air rushing inside you to make you rejuvenated from within. Take out some time and propose her in this valley that is miles away from the normal habitat from where you two belong.
When you are serious about her and you know that she is attracted to you too, then you should not delay in proposing her. Make the proposal special with these amazing destinations and you will find her glowing and blush after years also when she narrates the tale to your grandkids.
So, you proposed her and she said yes! Now it’s time for the grand wedding. Stay tuned to have a look at the most amazing destinations in India where you can get married in the most memorable way. 
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