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West Bengal, a state located in the East of India, is blessed with a lot of water bodies. Surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, it also has an ample amount of rivers to boast about. These water bodies can be considered as the source of most people’s livelihood through agriculture, fishery and last but definitely not the least, attracting the tourists.
Lets have a look at some of the rivers flowing in West Bengal that has been attracting tourists since centuries.

Hoogly River or The Ganges:

 One of the most famous rivers, The Hoogly River, needs no separate introduction to itself. This river, falls under the category of The Himalayan Rivers. The water of the river, Ganges is diverted into a canal, located in the town of Tildanga in the Murshidabad District, with the help of the famous Farakka Barrage. This river provides an ample amount of livelihood to many a people. Fishery, agriculture, transport, and many other occupations can be utilised out of this river.

It doesn’t stop at these. Tourism is also one of the most important businesses that this river provides to the locals. One of the most famous bridges of India “The Howrah Bridge” is constructed over this river. The Jubilee Bridge on the river, also acts as a connection between Naihati and Bandel, again two very beautiful places to visit, with Bandel Church topping the list of places to be seen here. You can also enjoy the jetty or boat ride on the Hooghly River during evenings that is an immensely serene experience. There are a number of ghats built, where you can spend your time sitting by the river.
 Reaching this place is not at all difficult, with the International Airport of Kolkata, just at a hand away, which welcomes all National and International flights. If travelling within the country then opting for a train would be another best idea as the Howrah station again welcomes trains from all the parts of India, again just at a small distance away from the river.
Tista River
 Every time someone talks about Tista River, the mind starts losing all its stress and starts imagining green water, cool weather, and peaceful breezes. Yes, this is the exact kind of impact Tista can leave on you. Situated in the beautiful valley of Sikkim, a perfect collaboration of the river Lachin from Tibet and Lochang river of Sikkim, this river starts its course from the Zemo glacier and forms the border of West Bengal and Sikkim.

Its chilling ice water with its high tides provides for the adventurous game of river rafting. A very attractive tourist spot, this river also provides the most beautiful scenic beauty you can dream of. With the hills of Kalimpong coming in its view, it rules the north as one the most important tourist attractions. Immense options of road, air and rail ways are available. Sikkim is a tourist spot itself so while visiting the Tista touring the whole of Sikkim can be considered the best option for a tour to remember.
 Torsha River
 The Torsha River is another major river of the north-east and a main tributary to another major river, the Jaldhaka River. Rising in the Darjeeling District this river travels to Bhutan and Bangladesh. This river is another beautiful attraction that the north-east proudly boasts of. River rafting can be considered one of the sports here that you can enjoy.

 Torsha provides many beautiful attractions surrounding it, such as the beautiful Kanchenjangas and the very famous Jaldapara National Park. For the best scenic beauty experience you must visit during the winter for the chilly peaks and fog clouded mountains, and the summer for the beautiful terrains, green and brown mountains and a temperature to be craved for.
Damodar River
The Damodar river, famously known as Damu(sacred) da(water), in the local language of Jharkhand, is another not to be forgotten river of West Bengal. Raising from the Khamarpath Hills of the Chota Nagpur Plateau of Bihar it enters West Bengal and joins the Hoogly River on its right. The river is rich in mineral resources and also named as the Sorrow of Bengal, as it floods a lot and causes a lot of devastation. This is a reason why many dams had to be placed in order to control the floods of the river.

Though it is a bad option to visit during the river during monsoons, but this place can be heavenly during the winter and the spring. The dams are beautifully constructed so that you can spend some amazing time here near the cold currents of the Damodar River.
 Mayurakshi River
 Though the name means peacock eyes, this river actually is in the shape of a peacock tail. Yes, with a history of devastation, no thanks to its flooding and washing the banks away, Mayurakshi couldn’t be bonded with dams even. This river starts its journey from the Deoghar district of the state of Jharkhand and slowly makes its way through Birbhum and Murshidabad, into West Bengal. Visiting Birbhum or Murshidabad during the winters are best experiences one can have. The sites are beautiful with a wide view into very simple lives.

There are many other rivers in West Bengal which worth a mention like Ichamati River, Saraswati River, Barakar River, Mundeshwari River, Dharla River, Rangeet River, Hariabhanga River, Gandheshwari River, Haldi River, Gosaba River, Atrai River and many more... the list can remain never ending.
 The best part of these rivers is that they are sources of water bodies which provides not only for basic livelihood, but immense tourist appeal. Visiting any of these rivers \is not at all difficult. All one needs to keep in mind that these can be reached by reaching the nearest city of Kolkata, which has an access to all International and national flights as well as trains from any major or minor cities.
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