Chandannagar – Past French colony by the banks of River Hooghly

Chandannagar by Meha & Gaurav


Chandannagar is very much situated in the district of Hoogly in the state of West Bengal. The name of the city comes from the half-moon shape of the river Ganges on whose bank it is situated. Also, it is said that the city has the name as such because it has the temple of goddess “Chandi” located here. Initially though the city was a French colony so it was known as the “Farasdanga”.
Geographical location:
This area measures a total of 19 kilometers square. It is elevated at 9 meters or 30 feet. It comes under the constituency of Hoogly district.
Places to visit:
There are many places in Chandannagar that one can visit and not get tired of. There is en number of places available in the area to visit. Each of these places has their own story to tell.
  • The Chandannagar Museum and Institute: this is one of the oldest of all the others. This particular place has furniture of the 18th century, which is antique and rare. This particular place can give one the most beautiful feeling. Being a part of the French colony, this area definitely is engrossed a lot in its culture and this particular museum is an example of the same.

  • The French Cemetery: situated on the Grand Trunk road, this place apart from being spooky is extremely beautiful. One can also find the tomb of Duplessis, who was one of the eminent figures of the French in Chandannagar.

The Nandadulal Temple: this particular temple was built in the year 1740 by the very famous Indranarayan Roy Chowdhury. This temple actually represents the very beautiful art that the culture of Chadannagar represents. The beautiful works make the temple look good altogether.

  • There are various amusement parks in Chandannagar. The New Digha the Chuti Park is two such examples. One can visit them with family and friends.

There is also a list of other never ending places that one can visit here.

Things to do:

Basically, one can visit the place anytime they prefer. Chandannagar is all about their beautiful art and places to visit. There is no special occasion as such to which people can visit and enjoy. One of the most important things that Chandannagar is famous for is Jagdhatri Puja that takes place in the month of October. Devi Jagdhatri or Devi Chandi is the incarnation of Devi Durga. 

Food and accommodation:
The place is filled with various guest houses at affordable prices due to the high amount of visiting people. The guest houses look like palaces and big houses with exclusive French art to represent it. You can enjoy some of the most authentic Bengali cuisines here. Also as French culture was a part of the place, so you can sense the French style also still at some places.
How to reach??
The nearest airport is the Kolkata International airport at a distance of 40 km from the same. Also you can reach the Howrah station if you are travelling by train. From airport as well as the railway station, by road Chandannagar can be reached just by travelling a total distance of 37 km by using the Grand trunk road. 
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