Are you in love with art and culture? You should definitely come to Krishnanagar once

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Krishnanagar is located in the Nadia district of West Bengal and is one of the unknown but beautiful attractions for tourists. The location rests on the southern banks of Jalangi River. The place has been actually named after the King KrishnaChandra who stayed in this place and gave rise to some various art and culture that got recognition from all over the state of West Bengal. One of the most famous examples of art can be seen in the palace of Rajbari of the king in the form of a temple of Godess Durga that is there in the courtyard.

The place is also the birth and work place of many talented writers and poets such as Narayan Sanyal and Subodh Sarkar and many more. Not only this if you are heading towards the place called Ghurni, you can have a look at the most amazing people who play with clay to create some of the most amazing art works. It is said that these amazing artisans know how to make exact replica of something through clay.

Krishnanagar can be said to be a place of greenery. You can get trees such as neem, huge banyan, lichi, and mango and also of red cotton by the sides of the road. If talked about fauna, then you should seriously have a look at the majestic world of birds here. Some of the bird types that you can witness at this place are kingfishers, barbets, seagulls and many more along with some of the most famous and commonly found birds too. The list of birds is also accompanied by a huge number of beautiful butterflies.

To enjoy the natural beauty of this place, you should have trip to points like Bethuadahari forest, Bahadurpur forest, Hasadanga Beel.

To reach Krishnanagar, the very best and easiest way is to land up to the city Kolkata. From here you can either get a bus for Krishnanagar you can get local trains from the Sealdah station that can take you to Krishnanagar.
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