Ajmer – An oasis in between the Aravali hills

Ajmer Shariff by Meha & Gaurav

Though Ajmer is a small town located at the center of the state Rajasthan, but this small place is popular all over the world by now. Ajmer can be better described as an oasis surrounded by the hills of Aravali ranges. Today not only it is a popular tourist spot in India but also is developing to be a place with high literacy and employment.
History of Ajmer
7th century is the time when Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan found this amazing land. The invincible hills are also known as ‘Ajay Meru’ on which the name of the place ‘Ajmer’ was assigned. The king also built the very first hill fort of India named Taragarh here. Taragarh was considered to be the power house during the rituals of war or peace or sacrifice among the Chauhan clans. 

Also Ajmer is known as the last resting place of Sufi Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti. This is the place where the saint was buried and the most important thing is that both Hindus and Muslims consider this place to be ritually holy and hence every year people from all over the world visit this place with their wishes and prayers.

Places of Attraction

There are a lot of things to do while in Ajmer among which some of the most important places to visit are:
·         Dargah Shariff

  1. ·         Rangji Temple
  2. ·         Nareli Jain Temple
  3. ·         Akbar’s Palace and Museum
  4. ·         Shah Jahan’s Mosque
  5. ·         Dargah Hazrat Meera Syed Hussain
  6. ·         Chittorgarh Fort
  7. ·         Buland Darwaza

Ajmer is known for its amazing artistic buildings, whether it is the historical monuments or the sacred places. 

The place has also a number of museums and other historical monuments such as:
  1. ·         Daulat Bagh Garden
  2. ·         Akbari Masjid
  3. ·         Savitri Temple
  4. ·         Nasiyan Jain Temple
  5. ·         Bhagchand ki Kothi
  6. ·         Mayo College Museum
  7. ·         Prithviraj Monument
  8. ·         Government Museum
  9. ·         St Mary’s Graveyard
  10. ·         Abdullah Khan’s Tomb
  11. ·         Rani Mahal
  12. ·         Archeological Museum
  13. ·         Bhim Burj and Garbha Gunjan
Apart from these there are two important lakes to consider and these are the Ana Sagar Lake and the Foy Sagar Lake. 

If you wish to get something exciting apart from knowing the history of the place, then also Ajmer welcomes you with a number of attractions such as:
  1. ·         Elephant Joy
  2. ·         Birla City Water Park
  3. ·         City Square Mall and many more to explore
  4. Lifestyle in Ajmer
People staying in Ajmer are simple to do people and have a simple and sober lifestyle. Though technology is taking a toll over the lifestyle of people in Ajmer too now, but still the greenery potion is left to woo various tourists visiting the place.
Staying in Ajmer has never been a difficult thing for any tourist visiting this place. A number of resorts such as the Padmini heritage Resort, Green Park Resort, Mansingh Palace and Bijay Niwas Palace are some of the names for luxury living.
For a budget living also there are a number of good hotels available here such as Hotel Shobhraj, Regal Hotel, Hotel Regency and many others. 
Food in Ajmer has an amazing combination of Rajasthani cuisine and the Mughlai cuisine. You can select your type such as veg or non-veg and can get in front of you some such varieties that will last a never ending impression on your taste buds. Some of the restaurants where you can try out enjoying some such delicacies are Silver leaf Restaurant, Honeydew Restaurant, Rasoi Ajmer and many others.
Reaching Ajmer
Reaching Ajmer is also now not a big deal. Ajmer has its own big railway station and Indian Railways connect Ajmer to various other places of the country directly such as Kolkata, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Apart from this, if you wish to travel by air, you may have to land down at Jaipur from where you will have to take road ways of about 2 hours time distance. 


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