Tie Your Knot In Any Of These Mesmerizing Locations For Destination Wedding In India

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Tie Your Knot In Any Of These Mesmerizing Locations For Destination Wedding In India
Did you meet her on a matrimony site? Did your parents and relatives found the great match for you? Or, you opened your heart out to her about how much you crave for her and then your love started? Whether it is a love story that was headed towards the wedding or has been arranged by the family, a destination wedding is a trend that is prevailing today. If you are planning for your wedding in a special way, we bring in here in front of you some of the most amazing locations for a destination wedding in India.
The Cities Of Rajasthan

If you have much waited to get your wedding done in a royal way, then surely you should head towards the royal cities o Rajasthan. There are a number of palaces that are now converted into five-star rated hotels or resorts in various cities such as Jai…

She Will Not Say No.. Just Propose Her In These Indian Destinations

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She Will Not Say ‘No’… Just Propose Her In These Indian Destinations
You almost skipped your heart beat, when the thought of proposing her came in your mind. You are in a struggle within yourself whether she loves you or not. After days of struggling and gathering much of effort within yourself, finally, you have decided that now you will propose her and make her a part of your life. But will you ask her out the life’s most important question in just a simple sentence? If you are also looking out to make things special for her, so that she cannot turn you out, then have a look at these amazing destinations in Indian where you can propose your heart out to your sweetheart.
Lonavala – The Hot Air Balloon

It is said that couples are made in heaven. Well, not in heaven, but here is a chance that you can touch the sky and make her feel that you are the perfect one for her. Just arrange to …

Ajmer – An oasis in between the Aravali hills

Ajmer Shariffby Meha & Gaurav

Though Ajmer is a small town located at the center of the state Rajasthan, but this small place is popular all over the world by now. Ajmer can be better described as an oasis surrounded by the hills of Aravali ranges. Today not only it is a popular tourist spot in India but also is developing to be a place with high literacy and employment. History of Ajmer
7th century is the time when Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan found this amazing land. The invincible hills are also known as ‘Ajay Meru’ on which the name of the place ‘Ajmer’ was assigned. The king also built the very first hill fort of India named Taragarh here. Taragarh was considered to be the power house during the rituals of war or peace or sacrifice among the Chauhan clans. 

Also Ajmer is known as the last resting place of Sufi Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti. This is the place where the saint was buried and the most important th…

Shantiniketan – the center for Bengali art and culture

Shantiniketanby Meha & Gaurav

The name means the “abode of peace” and it can be rightly described as the same. In the year 1862, Maharshi Devendranath Tagore while travelling to Raipur came face to face with the red soil and the palm trees planted on them and the peace that the surrounding was providing, and then he decided to make a house there and named it as Shantiniketan.

Geographical location: This area comes under the Birbhum district of the state West Bengal. It has an elevation of 56 meters maximum. The temperature is extremes during the summer and moderate during the winters. One can expect moderate rainfall for the rainy season.

Places to visit: Shantiniketan can never have a lack of any place to visit. It is an amazing area where people just love spending here and there looking for peace. It owns the following places, visiting which would be of absolute delight.
Vishwa Bharti: Basical…